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Your personal full-service provision

Just imagine – someone cancels your newspapers for you, your mobile phone/iPad is set up for the trip, you receive a royal welcome at the airport, someone helps you to check in and to change your money … and wishes you a great trip with My World LTS. You hand your front door keys over to a helpful soul who takes care of your home while you are away: someone who empties your letterbox, waters your plants, washes and changes your bed linen and towels, takes your bottles and cardboard to the recycling depot and fills your fridge with fresh produce ready for your return from your holiday.

After a wonderful, unforgettable trip, you make a gentle landing at Zurich airport again. You are once again treated to a royal reception, we help you with your luggage and accompany you to your limousine or taxi. And to top it all, you can hand over your laundry that will quickly be returned, freshly washed and ironed.

Is this just a dream? It’s reality with My World LTS. Would you prefer a bit more or a bit less service? No problem! We will create a package tailored exactly to your wishes.

At home-Package

Together with Max and Betty we have created the following package:

Before the trip

  • Meeting in advance for instructions and key handover.
  • Take over administration: unsubscribe newspapers, set up mobile/iPad for abroad.

During the trip

  • Empty mailbox
  • Watering indoor and balcony plants
  • Ventilate living space
  • Control tour
  • Contact person in case of incidents/emergencies
  • Two visits during absence (each additional visit CHF 48.-)
  • Third visit including purchases and delivery of 12 groceries or daily necessities on the day of return (for landings before 8 a.m., delivery takes place the day before). Food to be cooled will be placed in the refrigerator.

Costs for purchases will be charged separately.

Stylish arrangement 

  • Fresh bed linen
  • Change towels
  • Washing, ironing, folding bed linen and towels by a textile cleaning partner
  • Dispose of recycling properly
  • Base: 2 persons

Airport service

  • Meet & Greet at departure: Reception at the airport, help with luggage, check-in, money exchange, escort to the lounge or to the customs office
  • Meet & Greet at arrival
  • Holiday-laundry package
  • Second laundry bag
  • Return of the apartment key
  • Help with the luggage. Escort to the limousine / taxi / car

If you book your first round trip in a private jet with My World LTS, you will even receive this unique package as a gift!

Get the full-service package for free!

When you book your first private jet tour through My World LTS, we will give you the full-service package free of charge!


We would be happy to consult you personally

You are the king with us

«You really do watch over us like a guardian angel!»

«Your super service beats everyone and everything!»

«Your clients don’t need to be patient at all. You do the impossible straight away. You can even quickly conjure up miracles thanks to your phenomenal network.»

«I would like to congratulate you on your very obliging and professional manner. It’s a real rarity.»

«I’d just like to tell you once again that we appreciate your efforts very much indeed. It’s obvious to us that you go well beyond normal customer service. I don’t think we’ve ever had such good service from a travel agency. And the compliment applies to all the years in the past that you’ve looked after us as well. You make it easy for us to remain loyal customers.»

«I’d like to thank you very much for your patience and the friendly and extremely knowledgeable consultancy services. I’ll be recommending you to my friends.»

«The daily routine has begun again but we – and me in particular – have returned from the weekend with a heart full of joy. It was a sensational time and you have played an important part in this. Thank you once again for everything.»

«We would like to thank you very much for the hard work and dedication that you put into our holidays. We really love the way you operate.»

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